Technology to Automate the Point In Time Count

Simtech Solutions Inc. developed the first Point in Time Counting Tool mobile app in 2012 to assist regions with conducting the annual homeless census.  Simtech Solutions has updated the app to collect all of the elements that are required for Federal reporting and local needs as well as the data store and the Point in Time Command Center.

The Counting Us mobile app is available to download for free from both Google Play and the Apple App Store. It works on all devices and all current operating systems and can also be accessed on the web at You can see how it works by entering "demo" for your region to get started!

As surveys and observation information is "submitted" in the app, the data is collected in a data store to be managed and reported over and also supports real-time management of the Count through the Point In Time Count Command Center. Advanced reporting and dashboards allow for regional administrators to view counts as surveys are submitted in real time in the Command Center and GIS mapping features ensure all areas of a region are being properly covered.  All data can be exported in CSV format and reports can be published as attractive PDFs.

Please visit our dedicated website - PointInTime.Info to get more information about tools that are available to automate your count!

Results were tallied in real-time throughout Boston MA's 2016 homeless census with the aid of the Point in Time Counting Tool and the Regional Command Center.

The Boston Redevelopment Authority and Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) created the shape files used within the command center to break up the city into 45 distinct count areas.  

Shape files allows better management of the Count event and also allows regions to report on other geographic boundaries such as census tract, congressional district, city limits, tribal reservations, and more.

"The Command Center allows us to monitor the work of count volunteers in real-time.  If a volunteer strays out of their designated area, or isn't completing the surveys properly, we can send a text or place a call to guide them as needed."

- Jennifer Flynn
HMIS Administrator, City of Boston


If you are interested in having Simtech Solutions host a Point In Time Command Center for your region please contact us using the form found here or by calling 781-821-0359