Community Resource Management

The Show the Way app utilizes (AD) to serve as an administrative engine to keep the information found in Show the Way functional, efficient and fresh.  AD is a web-based data management platform that allows administrative users the ability to update the resource database for their region. 

Bed availability can be updated in real-time for all users of any HMIS provider that is capable of supporting Simtech's Show the Way Resource Directory Automated Program Interface (API), which can be provided to them free of charge simply by submitting a request here.  APIs are just one facet of a practice referred to as "service-oriented architecture" or SOA.  SOA, described in detail here, is the design practice all software vendors will need to adhere to if we are to be successful in the rollout of a nationwide framework capable of supporting the concepts such as such as "coordinated entry" and "common assessment".  These concepts are touted within the Opening Doors Federal Strategic Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness and are a central theme within the 25 Cities Initiative  

Simtech Solutions' background in authoring the HUD HMIS CSV Data Exchange Format, developing the HUD XML to CSV Parsing Utility, and work with the VA on the national homeless registry used to report on the Supportive Services for Veterans Families (SSVF) program put us in a unique position to bring all of the necessary pieces together. provides users with the following:

  • Ability to manage the community's inventory of housing and shelter resources and social services.  The support system required to lift a person or family out of homelessness extends well beyond the confines of the traditional HMIS.  AgencyDash is a data management platform that can simultaneously work in concert with multiple HMIS and non-HMIS data systems.  
  • Tools to import and export HMIS and non-HMIS data in various formats and versions;
  • Schedule synchronization and mapping of 3rd party data, such as shelter inventory from HMIS;
  • Tools to effeciently map out these community resources;
  • Ability to generate HUD reports such as APRs, AHAR, PIT, and others 

The inventory resource management tools are simple and easy to use.

The listings appear within Show the Way mobile app so that people in need, and those who are charged to assist them, can find and apply for assistance.

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