Information and Referral: Show the Way Mobile App

Mobile Resource Connector for the Homeless & At Risk

showtheway mobile app resource selector

Show the Way is a mobile app geared to helping people get the assistance that they need.  Information and Referral can be as easy as asking someone what help they are looking for and opening up the Show the Way app to find nearby services and resources.  Built in tools allow for directions to be provided by car, bike or on foot.  The one-touch dial feature is handy for confirming that beds or other resources are available before sending someone on their way. 

Compatability with Apple iOS, Google Android, and all HTML 5 compliant browser such as Google Chrome allow for widespread adoption. The intuitive interface means no training is needed.  To access the app, simply visit from the browser of any compatible device.

The application leverages a secure backend data management system to update details on the organizations, programs and services available within a region. This allows critical details such as program eligibility requirements and operating hours to be maintained with ease.  For more details on how the Community Resource Directory within Show the Way is managed within AgencyDash please click here.


Efficient Design = Simplicity of Use

‚ÄčThe efficiency comes in the design of the application and the database structure: the front end and the back end.  The front end’s efficiency is in its simplicity as users can intuitively follow the logic in the screen design. The broad reach and ease of use allows the mobile app to be accessible anytime, anywhere, and by anyone.

The database must be comprehensive and updated in a real time manner or the tool isn’t useful. Show the Way can access a current resource directory, such as 211,  if available. If no local directoy is available,  AgencyDash provides a platform to create the local directory for unlimited services and resources within the region.  With the help of web services and data exchange such details as contact information and available beds can be kept up to date in an easy manner.  Service providers can update (only) their own information and the directory of resources within the community can expand as necessary. 

Why Show the Way is Cool

Show the Way has a modern graphic design.  Its logo immediately conveys patriotism and the idea of giving directions, and its buttons and screens are the latest.  It is a cutting edge solution thanks to a combination of geocoding, the latest mobile search technology, and ease of use.  The database features help ensure the data is fresh and accurate.  Support for Google Android, Apple iOS, and Microsoft Surface devices ensure its staying power.