Point In Time Count Report Generation Tool

The annual national Point-in-Time (PIT) homeless census is a critical source of data on the number and characteristics of people who are homeless in the United States. These data are used to measure homelessness on a local and national level a quantifies the extent of homelessness in the US.  Simtech Solutions provides a mobile app to capture information on those people whose information is not captured in HMIS. HUD directs communities to use their local Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS) to report on individuals and families that are in shelter or transitional housing. Issues with data quality and low HMIS participation rates impact accurate reporting. 

The Point In Time Count Report Generation Tool produces a valid HUD report by importing data from HMIS, importing data from the mobile and from data entered directly.  Regardless of approach, a PDF version of the report can be produced and sent to regional administrators.  Simtech Solutions has developed an innovative approach to leverage the work that has already been done within HMIS for those that do use it while allowing for the gathering of count information from those that do not. Point In Time Report Generation Tool

Simtech Solutions provides a web-based tool hosted at AgencyDash.com to assist administrators with this count gathering.  The counts of homeless residing in shelters is combined with counts of unsheltered homeless* in order to produce the Point In Time Summary Report to be submitted to HUD.  Administrators can also create Trend Reports to show year over year changes in their homeless populations.  The collection of unsheltered homeless data is done with the assistance of the HUD Point In Time Counting Tool which posts data to the Regional Point In Time Command Center.  The framework is explained in more detail here.

Video tutorial on using the Point In Time Count Report Generation Tool