HMIS Report Generation Tool

Simtech developed the first HUD-commissioned  module for their Annual Performance Report (APR). The tool was built according to the HUD Annual Performance Report (APR) Programming Specifications which were also authored by Simtech Solutions for HUD and written alongside of the development to ensure that any business rules that were established within the specifications could be put into practice.

The first HMIS generation tool was built for the CSV 3.7 data standards and updated for the 4.0 standards These specifications were provided to software vendors for the development of the report that is required for most HUD programs receiving McKinney-Vento funding.


To date, the HMIS Report Generation Tool has been downloaded over 2400 times and has helped entire states to create these reports and meet the rather extensive reporting requirements HUD has for regions, and the agencies within them, that receive HUD dollars to assist the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless.  

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