Coordinated Access and Housing Placement

Simtech Solutions built a Coordinated Access and Housing Placement system as a key tool Boston's 25 Cities Initiative to End Veteran’s Homelessness.  The Coordinated Housing Operations and Managed Placement System (CHOMPS), depicted below, helps various service providers, using different data systems, to work together to end homlessness, one person at a time.   The unique approach used by CHOMPS allowed Veteran Administration (VA) staff to actively participate in this community-wide effort, despite restrictions on sharing data. As a result, Boston was the first City that had the participation of the VA in the 25 Cities Initiative into their Coordianted Assessment and Housing Placement (CAHP) system.  

Coordinated Housing Operations and Managed Placement CAHP System

Effective collaboration starts with knowing who the people are, and where they are receiving services, while also protecting everyone's identity and confidentiality. 

This technology uses data that is transmitted from each agency's operational system, often a Homeless Management Information System or HMIS, to a data warehouse platform. Here the data is integrated, unduplicated, and filtered for a particular characteristic such as veteran status.  After receiving a Release of Information (RoI) consent form, the source data is made available to select community participants that are working together on the collaborative initiative.    

For more details on the CHOMPS system you can check out the 25 Cities HMIS Affinity Group Webinar, available here, or contact Simtech Solutions by clicking here

Additional resources related to the business rules adopted within the CHOMPS system can be found at the links below.

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