Comments on the Proposed HUD Chronic Homeless Definition

The current and proposed chronic homeless definitions are flawed in that they are reliant on a variable within the definition that has still yet to have been defined (an episode).  Furthermore, the focus on a somewhat arbitrarily defined cumulative length of stay of 365 days ignores local and global conditions.   This is akin to asking an investment advisor “Are stocks with a price/earnings (P/E) ratio of less than 20 a decent investment?”  The reply would be based on current market conditions and the market segment to be invested in.  P/E ratios are still a valuable tool for gauging an investment but that doesn’t mean that 20 is somehow a magic number that every investment decision should be based upon. 

The comments provided by Simtech Solutions on the proposed HUD Chronic Homelessness Definition are intended to address these issues while guiding communities toward the adoption of tools to help prioritize clients for housing.   Click on the link below to download the full response submitted to HUD by Simtech Solutions.


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