Father Bill's & Mainspring Analysis of Shelter Utilization Patterns

The two major individual emergency shelters in the South Shore of Massachusetts, operated by Father Bill’s & MainSpring (FBMS), found early success with Housing First initiatives. In 2004, the nightly bed occupancy at Father Bill’s Place in Quincy averaged 125 clients yet in 2007, after the creation of 40 Housing First units, this figure dropped to an average of 110 clients. The HUD Point In Time (PIT) data reflects some interesting trends that occurred as a result of these efforts. The chronic homeless population in the area dwindled significantly as Housing First units came online during this time period, from 142 to 63, and have continued to decline since. The total number of homeless individuals in shelter or on the streets showed a similar reduction from 2004 to 2007, from 252 to 139. Unfortunately, despite the continued success in reducing the counts of chronic homeless individuals in the region the total number of homeless individuals is still well above the counts from 2006 and 2007.

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