Experience/ Portfolio

Founded in 1998, Simtech Solutions Inc. has been providing technical solutions and guidance to help communities better understand their homeless population and to maximizethe impact of public resources as they address the issue. We provide skills and experience to identify the extent of the problem, understand the underlying issues, and provide a range of tools that effectively match people in need to available community resources. We apply a systemic approach and a data framework that promotes a coordinated, data-driven response to homelessness.

Our work and products adhere to the design methodology referred to as “Service-Oriented Architecture” (SOA) in which the work product is independent of any vendor, product, or technology.  This is accomplished by adhering to industry- established data exchange and communication protocols, and working collaboratively with vendors to define and establish protocols if they do not yet exist.  

We provide the tools and technology that allows communities to respond to homelessness more effectively.  For more information, contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.