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December 23, 2014: HUD Releases Point-in-TIme Mobile Application

Jan 15, 2015
HUD has released the Point in Time mobile app that supports the nation's annual census of homeless adults, families and children.  To demo the app, use the key of "HUDPIT" after re... Read More

The Mobile App for the 2015 Point In Time count is now on Google Play and the App Store

Dec 22, 2014
To download the latest version, visit Google Play or the App Store      ... Read More

CHOMPS Presentation to National audience

Dec 22, 2014
The Coordinated Housing Opportunities and Managed Placement System (CHOMPS) is being used by the City of Boston in their efforts to housing homeless veterans as their Coordinated Assessment and H... Read More

The Mobile App for the 2015 Point In Time count is now on Google Play and the App Store

Jan 15, 2015
To download the app to your Android or iOS device, please visit the appropriate link below. ... Read More

At our core, Simtech Solutions is a cause-driven technology services provider. We value our environment and the people who share it. This manifests in the type of work we are drawn to, how we donate our resources, and the passion we bring to what we do for a living. We enjoy life and are appreciative of the fact that much of what we decide to invest our time in helps others to do the same.  Web and mobile technologies are revolutionizing how we interact with one another and are redefining how business gets done. Our team is a balance of business analysts that ask the right questions and the tech experts that bring the solution to life.

Examples of our work include: 

  • The US Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) tapped Simtech to help develop the reporting infrastructure that is used to quantify the extent of homelessness in this country while measuring the efficacy of the work being done to address the problem.
  • HUD worked with Simtech to develop a Mobile App to support the annual point-in-time homeless census. The app allows communities to collect HUD required information on homeless individuals and families. Simtech offers extensive support to communities for the count through a variety of tools and reporting features to help understand the scope of homelessness and provide required reports to HUD.
  • The City of Boston uses Simtech's Coordinated Housing and Managed Placement System (CHOMPS) to identify, target, assist and house homeless veterans across the City as part of the VA's 25 Cities Campaign. Communities are required to use a 
  • Our data management platform,, enables Eliot Community Human Services, the statewide provider of mental health services for the homeless in Massachusetts, to manage client interactions. At the same time, the tool helps administrators meet the reporting requirements of the PATH program that funds their efforts.
  • Regions around the country, including San Francisco, Fort Worth, Philadelphia and most of Massachusetts rely on our Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) data warehousing capabilities to meet local, state, and federal reporting requirements.   

Please contact us if you would like to get started on your own technology-based solution.