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PIT Count Results are in!

Feb 1, 2018
17650 surveys collected so far using the Counting Us app by 2322 volunteers from 30 regions. ... Read More

Learning Lab - Conducting the 2018 PIT Count with the Aid of Mobile Tech

Nov 14, 2017
Dec 11th at 2PM EST.  Click here for details and to register.... Read More

Going Mobile for the 2018 PIT!

Oct 6, 2017
Time to start planning for the 2018 Point in Time Count! Join Dallas, San Antonio, Ventura County, CT, and others in ditching the clipboard! Details at ... Read More

Simtech Launches

Oct 6, 2017
The new HMIS data warehouse platform is available! Check out this video for more information on how to get more from HMIS       ... Read More

Count Down to the Point in Time Count

Jan 22, 2016
Going mobile for the 2016 annual Point in Time homeless census. Get all the information here!... Read More

At our core, Simtech Solutions is a cause-driven technology services provider with a passion for developing new technologies, and enhancing the impact of existing ones, to help people experiencing homelessness.  Examples of our work include: 

  • Simtech Solutions is a pioneer in the usage of data analytics to inform the decision making process for those who make it their life's work to help people experiencing homelessness.  As developers of the first HMIS data warehouse in the US, Simtech Solutions helped to spur the Housing First movement by demonstrating the substantial cost savings that can be realized from providing housing instead of shelter.    
  • The US Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) has tapped Simtech to help develop the reporting infrastructure that is used to quantify the extent of homelessness in this country while measuring the efficacy of the work being done to address the problem.
  • As developers of the Counting Us mobile app, Simtech is helping regions around the country automate their annual Point-in-Time homeless census.  Not only does this save a tremendous amount of time and effort but the counts in regions across the US are now more accurate. 
  • Over 3,100 projects that serve the homeless around the US rely on to improve their understanding of the work they are doing and to meet the stringent HMIS reporting requirements of the US Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD).
  • Architects of a technical framework that provides regions with a coordinated response for people experiencing homelessness (AKA "coordinated entry") while enabling the various non-profits to continue to use the software that best meets their operational needs. Unlike many coordinated entry systems, Simtech's framework also supports people living on the streets with the aid of mobile tech.  More details can be found here.  
  • Simtech's Counting Us mobile app, and the by name lists managed within our data warehouse, were both put to use in Houston and the Texas Balance of State CoCs in support of their disaster recovery response to hurricane Harvey.  
  • The City of Detroit tasked Simtech with the development of tools to help improve their understanding of the projects that are making the most impact on their System Performance Measures (SPMs).  The project-performance dashboards that were produced during this engagement are linked to here.  

Please contact us if you would like to discuss how we might be able to assist your region to better serve those who are experiencing homelessness.